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Hello Lovely,

As a hatha yoga teacher and yoga therapy student, I combine yoga (breath & movement) + mindset exercises to help bring out a more powerful and stronger version of you (physically & mentally).

You know who this person is.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) who has struggled without action and lived with low self-esteem for far too long (from inner struggles to outer body pains).

When overwhelm takes over, low self-esteem creeps in but no matter the doubt, there are times their world feels just right.

Radiant, comfortable, powerful, and confident in your own skin.

You’ve felt like this many times. You’ve inspired others around you, just for being you.

Without effort.

But when something is slightly off, you wonder how it can all be ok.

I’m here to tell you:

It can be!

You’re a rockstar with vibrant light – no matter how much flickering it makes at times.

There’s courage in you, and with the right kind of empowerment & support, you’ll shine bright a lot more consistently.

If you’re looking for a friend and a support system, come to a class or connect with me online.

Feel stronger, move past constant overwhelm, stop feeling constricted, accept your gifts, create your expanded way of life.

I'm Daisy

I hope to inspire strength in you through simplicity and conscious action – because the moment confidence, self-acceptance and the mind are at ease, balance can be restored in all areas of life.

If you’ve been in and out of doubt and lack of self-esteem, sometimes without even knowing why, I’m glad you’re here. Read more about my story.

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