About - DaisyHdez
Public Speaker and Yoga Teacher for Seekers of Inner Power and Self-Acceptance
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I believe all aspect of our life are interconnected – relationships, finances, fitness, spirituality, and food. When one is off, all others struggle to compensate.

I hope to inspire strength in you through simplicity and conscious action – because the moment confidence, self-acceptance and the mind are at ease, balance can be restored in all areas of life.




I came across yoga at a moment in life where I needed to breathe the most…twice!

The first time, in my 20’s and a hell-of-a-lot of changes happening at once – change and I were like oil and water.

The second time, the most important, my “rock” passed away.

Since then, I had to find a way to give myself a chance to breathe and somehow give myself a dose of stepping into my own “sensible” power.


Comfort Feelings Change